Monday, November 29, 2010

Chapter 03, Phase Diagrams

Hello Everyone,

     After a week or so spent lethargically, I am back to study. So I intend to study about "Phase diagrams". I was going through the Syllabus the other day and felt that this chapter is cool. What do we need to cover in this chapter??? As per me the following are must, please do let me know if I am missing something here
  • Phases & micro-structure's basic concepts 
  • Solubility and limitations
  • Mono-component and binary systems
  • Non-equilibrium system
  • Phase diagram and. application in crystalline and non-crystalline solids.
  •  Lever rule and applications
  • Effects of phases on Mechanical properties 

    Hello Everyone again, After starting the real study ( i.e. the books and such ) the above given points are not ample as per me. So I am updating a list of topics that should be studied for clearing all questions which may arise from this topic:
  • Introduction to phases, phase diagrams & need for studying the same
  • Mono-component systems, Gibbs phase rule & applications
  • Binary phase diagrams, triple points, invariant points
  • Isomorphic systems, applications of phase diagrams (lever rule)
  • Non - equilibrium solidification of alloys, problems related to cooling
  • Alloy Systems (Binary Eutectoid, Hypo-Eutectoid plain carbon steels, Hyper-Eutectiod plain carbon steels )
  • Non - crystalline solids and phases in them
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